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Downham and Garden Easter Panic

Installation and commissioning of a Hobart Ecomax Plus H603S Passthrough Dishwasher.

Our customer Downham and Garden needed to increase the capacity of their operation and wash area to cope with an increase of covers and also offer a more comfortable working environment for the operators.

Due to a failure of their existing under counter dishwasher it was time to upgrade, in typical fashion their machine had failed just before the Easter holiday so the hope was to get the new dishwasher in place before the Easter rush. This meant turning things around in less than a week!

Firstly the correct machine needed to be specified. A hood machine was the way forward and the preferred option for the customer but the step up created a number of issues as the current under counter configuration meant tabling would be required, adjustments to the services and importantly a need for a unit that didn’t need a condense canopy. Hobart’s Ecomax Plus H603S was the perfect solution.

With a lack of space the inbuilt auto water softener meant the external softener could be removed, freeing up floor space and making for a simpler operation. Another winning factor is Hobarts unique four-sided hood, this meant there was no need for a costly condense canopy, and the time it would take to fit, it also meant a more comfortable working environment due to the significant reduction of steam being released into the atmosphere, coupled with that was the added bonus of a reduction in running costs due to this feature. The hood traps the heat keeping the chamber warm, the reduction in heat loss means the water stays hot for longer significantly reducing electricity consumption in keeping the water at temperature.

The power of the pass through dishwasher meant it could cope easily with the current workload and importantly handle any future increase in business. The dishwasher also has a number of other efficiency features meaning a reduction in the consumption of water, electricity and detergent. The benefits of the Hobart Ecomax were five-fold with the increase in performance, a decrease in running costs, a more reliable German built machine, a more comfortable operating environment and an improved carbon footprint, it really was a win, win.

Tabling and a hand wash basin had to be supplied to replace the existing items all of which was the perfect for the customers’ requirements and wishes.

As can be seen the correctly specified machine and tabling can mean a small wash area can be utilised efficiently to give a high throughput.

Importantly we managed to supply, install and commission in time for the Easter holiday. It may have meant the engineers battling power cuts and working until 10pm but the job was finished in time, the client was left with a fully functioning wash area and more importantly the customer was happy, which is what we all work for.

For similar projects, any questions you many have or anyway in which we may be able to help please do not hesitate to contact us on 01582 865050.

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