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Did you know this about Hobart Warewashing?

Did you know…

Hobart Warewash have an innovation centre in Germany that is home to around 70 engineers and scientists whose role is to develop and push the boundaries of warewash technology to create the next generation of commercial glasswashers, dishwashers, utensil washers and rack machines.

This innovation has led to top scores when measured against their peers in regards to ease of use, water and energy consumption.

Hobarts focus on sustainability shows significant savings over the life of the machine particularly when you consider the general increase in the energy bills, over say, a 10 year period.

The latest technology is focused heavily on the premium range initially however the beauty of Hobarts three tier range, Ecomax, Ecomax Plus and Profi / Premax ranges, is that the technology filters down resulting in industry leading machines in each comparable bracket. A number of key components and build features are also shared throughout the ranges making sure all warewashers live up to Hobart’s reputation of innovation, sustainability, quality and durability.

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