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Hood For Business

Hood-type dishwashers can be a business’s godsend; with larger capacities and constant innovations in warewashing technology, they can be ideal. But what do you need to bear in mind when picking your hood-type washer?

Have you got room for it? Just purchasing the hood-type unit is one thing, but to truly get the best from your machine, purchasing it alongside entry and exit tables will make the system most efficient. To do this properly, you need to make sure your business has the space for you to set up a well-scaled warewashing area. This doesn’t have to be huge, and with certain choices such as a corner operation washer, you can save more space than you might realise, even if you've got a larger capacity business.

What do you need specific for your site? Tailoring your equipment to your needs can improve the lifespan of your washer, and affect overall efficiency. If you're in a hard water area, for example, choosing a washer like the Hobart Ecomax H603S, which has an in-built softener, will keep your space neater by eliminating the need for an external piece of softening equipment and making it easier for all staff members to use, reducing operational errors. More importantly, though, it'll help prevent the hard water from building up scale in your washer, keeping your hood dishwasher working at its best for longer - a crucial feature when you consider that most warranties won't cover limescale damage.

What are the demands upon your business? The strain your washer will be under makes a massive difference when you consider models - the busier your site, the more powerful your hood dishwasher should be. Choosing models like the Ecomax Plus H603 or even an Hobart AMX if your business is particularly demanding can be a wise decision. You should also consider what it is you're going to be washing; is it glassware or more delicate crockery, or will you need to get heavily soiled, greasy plates through the wash? Make sure you take this into account, as considering models with multiple cycle options could be a good way to proceed.

Who will help you with the aftercare? Your experience with your equipment doesn't stop the second you purchase it, so you need to make sure that you've got access to the best service that will continue to support your business - and if the worst were to happen, then it's better to know that you've got quick breakdown cover and strong warranty on your side, with parts readily available.

What is being developed in the industry? Hood Dishwashers are constantly innovating, so looking to see which developments can be most beneficial to you is an important consideration. Hobart's 'Permanent-Clean' filter system, for example, removes soil from the water in the washer, eliminating the need to pre-rinse and keeping the water cleaner for longer. Not only does it save valuable staff time, but it's conducive to better costs and less water usage, helping your business go easy on both the environment and your pocket.

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