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Pizza Hut and Hobart's AUPRS-10A Hood Dishwasher

Pizza Hut and Hobart have been working together and building a relationship for over 10 years.

Hobart were asked to develop a bespoke dishwasher for the chain. The result was a development of the already impressive Hobart AUPRS-10A passthrough dishwasher.

The dishwasher has a permanent-clean feature that eliminates the need of pre-rinsing plates.

The machine was trialled and put through its paces, the workload is significant at Pizza Huts 273 restaurants so it had to be capable of handling the demands put upon it.

The nature of the ingredients, cheese, shredded vegetables amongst other tricky to remove food can mean a lot of it can end up in dishwasher. However with Hobarts unique soil removal system (SRS) this debris is removed and flushed away. This significantly reduces the requirement for pre-rinsing and the need to empty dirty wash water and refill, especially useful during busy periods.

The permanent-clean system is reported to save more than £600.00 per year in water, energy and detergent costs. Coupled with this the AUPRS-10A includes Hobart’s latest heat recovery system.  This recycles the energy from the hot waste water to warms the incoming cool water. Reducing energy consumption by 35%. Previously due to the nature of the ingredients the food soil could clog the machine coil.

With the new SRS system any blocking issues have been eliminated pizza express was committed to finding a machine that was as efficient as possible and with Hobarts continuous development and customer focus the AUPRS-10A hood dishwasher was created, the perfect solution for Pizza Hut’s requirements.

The great news is these dishwashers are available for all to purchase. There are a number of configurations available which can been seen here. If you would like to discuss these units in more details please contact us, we can help you establish just how much can be saved.

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