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Restaurants need to be organised for another long Easter weekend

Easter falls early this year in March 2016, the long weekend is a chance for customers to indulge in their naughtys after lent. With this in mind, business’ must be ready and organised with enough time to spare.

Restaurants now have just under a month to have a meal plan and specials board at the ready to entice their customers. This weekend is the first bank holiday of the year and an occasion that your business can really benefit from. Operators should ensure that their cellars are well stocked to get through the whole weekend without disappointment.

It is also a chance to push your brand. A time where all the family gets together, this could be the perfect customer audience that may not have dined with you before so this is a chance to impress for repeat business for the future.

When looking at your menu for what can work well during the Easter break, look into seasonal changes and speak to local producers, this will keep purchasing costs at a low. Seasonal ales, spring vegetables, fruits and meats in keeping with the season are a winning formula.

With the increase in demand for gluten free and vegetarian foods this also needs to be considered in fact 15% of UK households now include someone who chooses to avoid wheat for health or lifestyle purposes. Making customers aware of your specialist menus is a great idea for a broader customer base. Nobody wants to lose a group booking because you can’t cater for specific individual needs.

The best part after lent is chocolate right? ‘after indulgences of Christmas, Easter offers that first real chance for operators to really drive dessert profits’ says Andrew Ely managing director at Almondy (as published in pub and bar magazine). It also provides an option for dessert sharing platters, these will be in high demand with the army of chocoholics that run in any family.

Don’t miss out on the first of the years holidays and at a time when people indulge. Take every opportunity to invite customers through your door.


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