Hobart Care Undercounter Dishwashers

Hospitals, care homes and the care sector in general have a specific set of requirements when it comes to their dishwashers. With this in mind Hobart have created two dishwashers designed specifically with the care sector in mind. Utilising over 100 years of commercial dishwasher experience and studying how the care sector operates, Hobart have created machines that have a range of features to enable customers to work efficiently whilst maintaining wash and hygiene standards. Incorporating steam cycles within full thermal disinfection programmes you can be rest assured Hobart have the perfect dishwasher solution for your care environment.

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  1. Features
    • Racks per hour: 24
    • Cycles: 5/5/12 minutes
    • Water usage: 3.5/16/3.5

    Hobart CARESW-10B

    Undercounter Dishwasher
    (With In-built Softener)

    The all new Hobart Care dishwasher. Created for use within the hospital and care sectors this machine has been created to give the very best in dishwasher performance whilst maintaining the stringent hygiene requirements expected of any care environment. Utilising Hobart's commercial dishwasher expertise in the hospitality sector they have combined the speed, durability and efficiency expected of the leading commercial dishwasher manufacturer and incorporated a full thermal disinfection system to give the very best in wash results whilst maintaining absolute hygiene standards.

    Using a patented steam clean feature which washes at a temperature of 100°C combined with a hold time of 2 minutes the Hobart Care dishwasher is the perfect solution for any care environment.

    £3,109.00 Excl. Tax £3,730.80 Incl. Tax

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