Industrial Oven Cleaner

Commercial and domestic ovens need to be regularly cleaned and maintained to ensure efficiency and longevity. At Ecomax Catering we have a range of industrial oven cleaning chemicals available in spray bottles or 5-litre containers:

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Professional Oven Cleaning Products from Ecomax

Our premium, alkaline-based cleaner is designed to break down carbon and grease deposits making the cleaning process quick and easy. It has amazing cleaning and degreasing properties even on very heavily stained ovens.

It can be used on a range of cooking equipment including combi ovens, fryers, stove burners, griddles and more. It can also be used on vertical surfaces to fight stubborn stains anywhere. If you have stainless steel surfaces with tough grease or industrial ovens with burnt-on food, our powerful formula will clean most surfaces quickly and easily.

Oven Cleaner FAQs

What do professionals use to clean ovens?

You may think that special agents produce a very special oven cleaner for professionals which is a trade secret. The truth is professional cleaners have access to the same cleaning products we do, they just know how to use them.

We supply many cleaning companies with our heavy-duty oven cleaners and it always produces great results for them! Give it a try on your oven and other appliances and see why it is the choice of chefs and pro cleaners across the UK!

What is the best cleaner for a very dirty oven?

We highly recommend Jantex oven cleaner. It's the only oven cleaner we stock for a reason! It is extremely powerful yet not dangerous enough to be harmful to the person using it. It doesn't give off obnoxious fumes and won't damage kitchen utensils or other surfaces in the kitchen. Give it a try and you'll never look back!

How do you clean an industrial oven?

With powerful cleaners and elbow grease! Sadly a catering environment doesn't really have a magical way of cleaning ovens that we don't know about. Cleaning commercial and domestic ovens is the same, hard work and good cleaning chemicals.

A good tip though, is to clean a warm oven. Heat your oven up slightly before you start cleaning. This can lift deposits away from the surface before you even add the cleaner!