All machines come with a Hobart 12 month on-site parts and labour warranty, unless stated otherwise. There is a warranty/service helpline that is manned 7-days a week, 365 days a year.

All maintenance and warranty work is carried out by Hobart employed and fully trained technicians, nothing is sub-contracted giving you peace of mind that your getting the right person for the job.

Any non-Hobart units, such as some types of softener, are covered under the manufacturers own warranty. This will be stated next to the unit description. 

Please note: The warranty will not cover items that are damaged due to misuse and any call outs for misuse will be chargeable.

Here are some key things to remember to help maintain your machine:

1) Pre-rinse plates etc. This helps prevent food debris build up in the machines drainage system which ultimately leads to blockages or the drainage pump failing.

2) Detergent and rinse aids need to be used in the correct settings and volumes, too much or too little can lead to unsatisfactory cleaning or even damage to the machine.

3) A commercial water softener is recommended as these prevent limescale. Limescale ultimately leads to machine damage.

The Hobart range of machines are very sturdy and incredibly reliable but by not sticking to the usage guidelines, problems can arise.

The items listed above are the main causes of problems and are not covered under the warranty as they are issues of misuse.