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At Ecomax Catering we supply a range of quality warewasher cleaning products. We have detergents, rinse aids and descalers for commercial glasswashers and cleaning products for commercial dishwashers.

Browse our full range of warewashing equipment and cleaning chemicals below:

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  1. Hobart HYLINE INTENSIV Hygiene Tablets
    (Pack of 15)

    Your Hobart machine is set to 1500 wash cycles before it requires an intensive hygiene cycle, to clean through the whole unit. Your machine will indicate this with a HYG alert, then add the INTENSIV hygiene tablet into the warewasher to eliminate any tough starches left on the internal components. 

    1 Pack includes 15 tablets

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  2. Premium Glasswasher Chemical Starter Pack

    Ecomax's Premium Glasswasher Chemical Starter pack is all you need to get started with your new glasswasher. It is designed to stop spotting and streaking on your glassware and will give them a sparkling finish. This starter pack contains 2 x 5 litre bottles of our high quality Glasswasher Rinse Aid and 2 x 5 litre bottles of our premium Glasswasher Detergent.

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  3. Premium Dishwasher Chemical Starter Pack

    Our fantastic Premium Dishwasher Chemical Starter Pack is all you need to get started with your new dishwasher. It contains 2 x 5 litre bottles of our high quality Dishwasher Rinse Aid and 2 x 5 litre bottles of our premium Dishwasher Detergent.

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  4. Premium Glasswasher Detergent

    Ecomax's glasswasher detergent has been developed for use in glasswashing machines, this powerful detergent is excellent at removing remnants and stains from glasses, leaving a sparkling finish. To achieve the best results use in conjunction with our premium rinse aid. This pack contains 4 x 5 litre bottles.

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  5. Premium Dishwasher Detergent

    Ecomax's powerful dishwasher detergent is an excellent cleaning product for medium to hard water areas but is also suitable for any soft water areas. To achieve the best results use in conjunction with our premium rinse aid. This pack contains 4 x 5 litre bottles.

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  6. Premium Dishwasher Rinse Aid 20L

    Ecomax active dishwasher rinse aid delivers spotless drying and a brilliant shine. The high performance concentrate eliminates spotting and streaking to leave a brilliant sparkling finish without the need to towel dry. This pack contains 4 x 5 litre bottles.

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  7. SURE Descaler Concentrate
    (1 x 5 Litres) 

    This SURE descaler enables you to maintain your commercial kitchen and ware washing equipment. The solution is renewable, plant-based and free from hazardous ingredients. Better still, it is 100% biodegradable.

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Professional Cleaning Products from Ecomax

Our range of wholesale cleaning products are biodegradable, phosphate-free and have a high concentration, reducing the volume required during the cleaning process. And with competitive prices, next working day delivery and excellent customer service, this extensive range will quickly become an essential part of your cleaning routine.

The Rinse Aid is formulated to dry fast with streak-free results. The Detergent has been developed to be excellent at removing food remnants and greasy residues, leaving a sparkling finish. 

Warewasher maintenance is a very important factor in the lifespan of your equipment. A number of Hobart warewashers have an INTENSIV Hygiene cycle option that thoroughly cleans your machine. The INTENSIV cycle is designed to eliminate tough starches, limescale and freshen the wash chamber. The INTENSIV wash tablets are available from our site.

From cleaning chemicals and cleaning equipment for your kitchen equipment to powerful cleaning chemicals for your floors and service areas, Ecomax has it all!

Cleaning supplies FAQs

What cleaning chemicals do professionals use?

Professionals use cleaning and janitorial products that are powerful enough to get the job done, but won't harm any kitchen equipment or surfaces. Cleaning machines is a fine art and a balance of strong chemicals is needed to ensure that the cleaning process doesn't cause damage.

What we mean to say is that it depends! Most professional cleaners opt for cleaning cloths and a vacuum cleaner over pressure washers, but ultimately, it depends on the job!

What is a commercial cleaner?

A commercial cleaner is the hero of a busy business. They come in and quickly and thoroughly power through all of the cleaning tasks effortlessly. They change hand towels and other paper products, remove dirt from the floor and tackle the harder jobs like cleaning ovens, washing machines and a great deal more! It's a tough job and we salute all commercial cleaners!

What are janitorial supplies?

Janitorial supplies are disinfectants, bleach, mops, vacuum cleaners and anything else you can think of cleaning related! They are the cleaning supplies needed to clean an entire school, kitchen or business! And we have them all here right on Ecomax!