Hobart Commercial Dishwasher Special Offers

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  1. Features
    • Racks per hour: 60
    • Cycles: 60 & 150 seconds
    • Water Usage: 2.3 litres

    Hobart Ecomax F504

    Undercounter Dishwasher

    The Ecomax F504 is a very efficient high performance commercial dishwasher, cleverly designed with the aid of separate rotating upper and lower wash and rinse arms with antiblock jets, to deliver consistently clean results. Simple and easy to use soft touch electronic controls, means fewer operator mistakes. “Thermostop” rinse control ensures correct operating temperature at all times and a self flushing cycle helps to maintain hygiene standards.

    £1,759.99 Excl. Tax £2,111.99 Incl. Tax
  2. Features
    • Racks per hour: 48
    • Cycles: 75 & 150 secs
    • Water Usage: 2.9 litres

    Hobart Ecomax H602

    Hood Dishwasher

    Save £200 - Don't miss out...

    Discounted due to b-grade condition.

    This B-Grade Hobart H602 has been thoroughly tested and inspected in the Hobart workshop and comes with a full Hobart 12 month on site parts and labour warranty for complete peace of mind.

    £2,549.99 Excl. Tax £3,059.99 Incl. Tax
  3. Features
    • Racks per hour: 40
    • Cycles: 90 & 180 secs
    • Water Usage: 2.5 litres

    Hobart Ecomax Plus F503S

    Undercounter Dishwasher
    (With Inbuilt Softener)

    The high performance F503S has the same specification as the F503 with the added benefit of an integral water softener, perfect for hard water areas, preventing harmful lime scale build up. This unit is a great option for high throughput kitchens where performance is a must whilst keeping running costs to a minimum.

    £2,645.00 Excl. Tax £3,174.00 Incl. Tax
  4. Features
    • Racks per hour: 60
    • Cycles: 60 & 90 secs
    • Water Usage: 2.5 litres

    Hobart Ecomax Plus H603S

    Hood Dishwasher 
    (In Built Softener)

    Continuing on from the high specification of the H603, this ‘S’ model has the added advantage of a built in automatic water softener. A requirement for any dishwashers installed in a hard water environment. With the prevention of lime scale build up you can be assured of perfect wash results whilst protecting your machine. All integrated to make the operation of the dishwasher simple and trouble free.

    £3,695.00 Excl. Tax £4,434.00 Incl. Tax

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