Commercial Undercounter Dishwasher Racks

Commercial undercounter dishwasher racks help to maximise the performance and output of your unit. Having additional dishwasher racks and cutlery baskets allow you to preload your racks with dirty dishes as they come into the kitchen and whilst the dishwasher is in operation. When the wash cycle is finished the next rack is ready to go, speeding up the wash process.

Kitchen safety is also improved and breakages reduced as dishes won’t be stacked unevenly on work surfaces.

Our extensive range of Hobart commercial dishwasher trays, cutlery baskets and open cup racks are designed for all current Hobart commercial undercounter dishwashers and their predecessors.

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  1. Hobart Double Rack Insert
    (F503/F503S, F515W/F515SW, Profi-FX, Premax-FP)

    This double rack insert allows your dishwasher to wash 2 racks at a time. The insert can slide into your machine, to allow a second rack to sit on top of the insert

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    £144.99 £173.99
  2. Cup Rack 500x500mm
    For Ecomax/Ecomax Plus/Care/Profi/
    Premax models
    • Dimensions: 500 x 500 mm
    • Cup Capacity: 18 Cups
    • Material: Special Polypropylene
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    £92.99 £111.59

5 Items

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