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Elevate your kitchen with Hobart Hobs, the most valuable asset for any experienced professional in the culinary world. Available in both 2 and 4-burner configurations, these hobs offer unmatched quality and convenience. Imagine having easy access to your cooking utensils with the integrated open cupboard—designed to enhance efficiency in the bustling environments of restaurants, bars, pubs, and hotels.

Browse our selection of Hobart Hobs and find the perfect fit for your establishment.

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  1. Hobart Ecomax HEFB74AXL
    2 Burner Gas Hob on Cupboard

    The Hobart Ecomax HEFB74AXL is a 2 burner gas hob. It is built on an open cupboard which provides chefs with easy access storage for cooking utensils. The HEFB74AXL is built with robust, cast iron pan supports that are durable and removable which makes cleaning quicker and easier.

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    £1,189.00 £1,426.80
  2. Hobart Ecomax HEFB77AXL
    4 Burner Gas Hob on Cupboard

    The Hobart Ecomax HEFB77AXL is a 4 burner gas hob built on to an open cupboard, providing chefs with easy access storage for cooking utensils. It comes with durable, cast iron pan supports that can be easily removed to make cleaning quicker. The HEFB77AXL utilises a horizontal flame that means heat is distributed evenly across the pan when cooking to provide chefs with a more accurate cooking method.

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    £1,699.00 £2,038.80

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Hobart’s Quality is Second to None

Built with robust, removable cast iron pan supports, Hobart ensures durability and effortless cleaning, making it the ideal piece of commercial catering equipment. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or running a high-traffic kitchen, Hobart delivers reliability and performance, helping you prepare meals with precision and ease.

Invest in the equipment that understands your needs and exceeds your expectations—choose Hobart for unparalleled quality. With its sleek design and high-quality materials, this range of hobs will elevate the aesthetic of your kitchen while providing top-notch functionality.

Enjoy The Best Hobs in the Commercial Catering Business

A horizontal flame distributes heat evenly across the pan, offering a more accurate and uniform cooking method - an essential addition to every kitchen where efficiency and precision matter.

Discover how Hobart's Ecomax Hobs can enhance your culinary journey. Our range of hobs are designed with durability and effortless cleaning in mind, making them the ideal choice for busy commercial kitchens. When it comes to cooking at a professional level, reliability and performance are key, which is why our hobs are trusted by chefs worldwide.

Whether you're whipping up a quick stir fry or slow-cooking a hearty stew, Hobart's Ecomax Hobs delivers consistent results every time. The horizontal flame ensures that heat is distributed evenly across the pan, allowing for precise temperature control and preventing any hot spots.

But it's not just about performance - cleanliness is essential in a busy kitchen. That's why Hobart hobs feature easy-to-clean surfaces and removable parts for hassle-free maintenance. No more scrubbing away at stubborn stains or struggling to reach every nook and cranny. With Hobart's Ecomax Hobs, you can focus on creating delicious dishes instead of worrying about the mess.

Do not settle for subpar cooking equipment - invest in quality with Hobart's Ecomax Hobs and take your culinary skills to the next level. If you need help finding the right hob for your kitchen, our knowledgeable team is always available to assist you.

Trust us to provide the best tools for your cooking needs and experience the difference in taste and efficiency. Upgrade to a Hobart Hob today and see why they are trusted by chefs worldwide.