Glasswasher Usage Guide

Model - Ecomax G404W/G404SW Glasswasher
Suitable for: Small/Medium Bar, Cafe, Restaurant, etc.

Model - Ecomax G504W/G504SW GlasswasherSuitable for: Medium/Large Bar, Cafe, Restaurant, Hotel etc.

Model - Ecomax Plus G415W/G415SW Glasswasher
Suitable for: Small/Medium/Large Bar, Cafe, Restaurant, Hotel etc.

Model - Ecomax Plus G515W/G515SW Glasswasher
Suitable for: Medium/Large Bar, Cafe, Restaurant, Hotel etc.

Dishwasher Usage Guide

Model - Ecomax F504W/F504SW Undercounter Front Load Dishwasher
Suitable for: Cafe, Small/Medium Restaurant, Rest Home, Hotel etc.

Model - Ecomax Plus F515W/F515SW Undercounter Front Load Dishwasher
Suitable for: Medium/Large Cafeteria, Restaurant, Fast Food Restaurant, Hotel, Canteen etc.

Hood Dishwashers

Model - Ecomax H604W/H604SW Pass Through - Hood Dishwasher
Suitable for: Small/Medium Cafeteria, Hotel, Bistro, Restaurant, Canteen etc.

Model - Ecomax Plus H615W/H615SW Pass Through - Hood Dishwasher
Suitable for: Medium/Large Cafeteria, Hotel, Bistro, Fast Food Restaurant, Canteen etc.

Rack Dishwashers

Model - Ecomax Plus C815A Rack Dishwasher
Suitable for: Large Restaurant, Hotel, Canteen etc.

Model - Ecomax Plus C815EA Rack DishwasherSuitable for: Large Restaurant, Hotel, Canteen, Production Kitchen etc.

Ecomax and Ecomax Plus Control Panel

The Hobart Ecomax range is fully automated and has a simple to use control system helping to reduce the operators time and potential errors.

Illustrated is the control panel for the Ecomax G402, Ecomax Plus G403/G403S, Ecomax G502 and Ecomax Plus G503/G503S Glasswashers, Ecomax F502/F502S and Ecomax Plus F503/F503S front loading dishwashers and Ecomax H602/H602S and Ecomax Plus H603/H603S hood dishwashers.

Please note: The 'Salt Required' and 'Regeneration' indicators only relate to dishwashers specified with the internal water softener option.

4 Sided Hood Explained

A fully enclosed hood is a unique feature to Hobart Hood / Passthrough dishwashers and is now available as standard across the entire Hobart range. This simple feature can make significant savings not only on running costs but also installation costs.

The two keys benefits are:

1/ A 4-sided hood significantly reduces the amount of steam escaping from the unit and into the washroom void. With other brands a condense canopy would have to be specified to trap and vent this steam. With Hobart’s hood design a canopy is not required. The cost of purchasing and installing a canopy are substantial, buy purchasing Hobart the canopy money can be invested elsewhere.

2/ When the hood is raised the steam and heat is drawn up into it as it is fully enclosed. This helps reduce the amount of heat lost from the dishwasher which in turn reduces the running costs. 2kWh per hour are saved meaning a significant saving is made over the life of the machine. When taking into account the ever increasing cost of electricity the savings are even more considerable.

Example Savings:

- Energy saving of 2kWh per hour @10p per kWh = £0.20 pence/hr
- Typical operation where machine is in use 5 hrs/day, 365 days/year
                               = a Saving of £365.00 p/year

When considering your next hood dishwasher purchase make sure you consider these aspects. With a canopy and installation costing £1000+ and annual energy savings of £350+ per year it is clear that by purchasing the correct Hobart dishwasher you can save a significant amount of money over the life of the machine, in many cases enough to pay for the machine itself. 

To discuss your requirements further do not hesitate to contact one of our knowledgeable staff.

Innovative Hobart Feature

Hobart has long been a market leading brand in commercial catering equipment and this is no more evident than in the warewashing ranges. The glass washers and dishwashers from all three ranges, the Ecomax, Bar Aid and Premax Premier models are some of the most innovative, efficient and durable machines on the market today making them the number one choice for any commercial kitchen or bar environment.

Here we explain some of the very latest technology and its benefits.


Ecotherm is a feature that maintains a constant wash water temperature even during busy periods of continuous use. This means wash and hygiene standards are maintained and the detergent activates and performs to it's optimum. By maintaining these temperatures drying times are also improved.

Vector Wash Jets

Vector wash jets have been cleverly designed to give a broader precise spray pattern. This not only allows for a much more powerful searching wash pattern and eliminates masked areas but also helps reduce the volume of water required to give great results. The amount of detergent required is also reduced because of the even, efficient distribution.


Accurinse ensures a constant rinse temperature and amount of clean water used every cycle meaning continuous hygienic results every time. Accurately controlling the flow of water through the rinse booster pump means there are no fluctuations in the volume or temperature whilst ensuring a consistent amount of rinse aid is used. Perfect for producing sparkling results and all achieved whilst being as efficient as possible.


The INTENSIV wash system ensures brilliant wash results whilst minimising running costs due to its proficient design. Controlled higher temperatures and improved coverage along with precise chemical dosing optimise results. Hobart’s Research and Development team have perfected this technology resulting in some of the most advanced and energy efficient warewashers on the market today.

'2 in 1' Double Racking

The Hobart Double Racking system allows 2 racks to be washed at the same time. The configuration allows for the following:

-  Plates up to 250mm high in the top rack

-  Open ware (cups/dishes etc.) up to 110mm high on the bottom rack

The double rack insert can slide in and out for ease of loading and unloading and can be removed entirely to return the dishwasher to single rack washing for larger items.

Using the Hobart double rack insert offers you increased capacity and improved efficiency. Double racking means a lower number of wash cycles are required, resulting in reduced water, electricity, detergent and rinse aid consumption.

The Hobart double racking system is unique to the Hobart Ecomax Plus F515W and F515SW dishwashers as well as the full range of Hobart Profi FX and Premax FP under counter dishwashers.

The diagram below shows the layout and height available when double racking.

2 in 1 Double Rack Insert Diagram