Spring Budget 2023 - Full Expensing Scheme

We are always looking at ways to help our customers. It's not just about supplying you with quality Hobart commercial glasswashers, dishwashers, cooking or food prep equipment. We also want to make you aware of any schemes in place that can save you money.

During the Government's 2023 Spring Budget they announced the launch of their Full Expensing scheme. This scheme allows you to cut your tax bill by up to 25p for every £1 you invest.

The scheme runs from the 1st of April 2023 until the 31st March 2026. It means if you are investing in qualifying new plant and machinery assets you could benefit from:

  • 100% capital allowance first-year relief on qualifying plant and machinery investments

  • 50% first-year allowance for qualifying special rate assets

Find out more about the Full Expensing scheme and how it can benefit you on the Government website:

Hobart Rental

Rental should be simple, with industry-leading equipment tailored to your requirements.

We believe you should be able to use the best commercial dishwashers and glasswashers available without the big outlay. Renting shouldn’t mean you get a lesser unit, quite the opposite. If you rent you should get the very best on offer to cope with your specific requirements.

We understand you are often better served investing money elsewhere in your business rather than having it all tied up in equipment.

That’s why offer the very latest in Hobarts warewashing range to rent. Whether it's a Hobart Ecomax G404W glasswasher or the industry leading Hobart Profi AMX hood dishwasher. Rental gives you the chance to reap all the performance and efficiency benefits of Hobart warewashing equipment without the big initial cost.

The benefits of rental:

  • Retain your capital
  • Fixed monthly cost
  • No nasty surprises with full parts and labour cover for the rental duration
  • Tax deductible for the rental period


See the products available to rent and find further information on our rental options. Alternatively, contact us to discuss your rental requirements by email or call 01582 865050.

Hobart Interest Free Credit


We understand the importance of having the best kitchen equipment but we also understand cashflow is key to any successful operation. That’s why Hobart Finance introduced the 12 months interest free credit option several years ago, across the entire, warewash, cooking and food prep range. Due to the success of this offer Hobart Finance have decided to extend it even further, allowing you to get access to all Hobart’s catering equipment for an even more affordable rate. You can now opt for a 12, 18 & 24 month term. Allowing you to stay in control of your finances whilst gaining access to the quality catering equipment offered across the Hobart range.

Better still, you can include installation and warranty costs on the finance package and even add on non-Hobart catering equipment, up to 25% of the finance value. Giving you great scope to keep your kitchen ticking whilst taking advantage of zero percent finance.

The terms available are as follows:

12 Months

You pay one month’s deposit to secure the catering equipment. This is followed by 11 monthly instalments via direct debit. Direct debits will only start once the machine is delivered. There are no administration fees.

18 Months

You pay one month’s deposit to secure the catering equipment. Then 17 monthly instalments will be paid via direct debit. These will only begin once the equipment is on site. There are no administration fees.

24 Months

You will pay one month’s deposit to secure the catering equipment, followed by 23 monthly instalments. The instalments will be paid via a direct debit and will only begin once the equipment is on site. There are no administration fees.

*All finance is subject to credit checks and searches. Hobart Finance T&C’s apply.


The Ecomax Range

Introducing the new German built Hobart Ecomax glass washer and dishwasher range. Renowned Hobart quality at value for money prices has been the driving force behind the development of Ecomax.

New for 2017, the Ecomax range has been enhanced further to give even better, more efficient performance. Production of the successful Ecomax range takes place at Hobarts German factory, alongside the Hobart Ecomax Plus and Hobart Premier (Profi and Premax) warewashers. The specification has improved with many of the components and features being taken from the premium ranges.
All come with fully automated electronic control systems, peristaltic dosing pumps for more accurate dispensing and an integrated water softener available as an option for all glasswashers, front loading and hood dishwasher models. Each unit is multiphase so machines can be switched from three phase to single phase and from 25amp to 13amp when installing (13 amp on undercounter units only).

The warewashers deliver improved wash and rinse performance due to the innovative design, power of the wash pumps and use of lower and upper rotating wash/rinse arms,key features taken from other Hobart German product lines.

Drain pumps are fitted as standard throughout the range and include a self-flushing feature.

The hood/pass through dishwasher comes with a unique four-sided hood, a feature exclusive to Hobart. This negates the need for a condense canopy over the washer and minimises heat loss from the unit helping to reduce energy consumption. Key benefits to making the unit very economical to run and a class leader in this sector.

The Ecomax range has been designed with performance, durability and efficiency at is heart. All of this has been achieved without an increase in price. Making it even more affordable to purchase a premium German built Hobart warewasher. We recognise the importance for you, the independent caterer, and hope you will find our range of products ideally suited to your catering needs. The equipment is easy to use, clean and maintain, and offers a combination of robust design and flexibility to suit any kitchen size or layout.

Supplied through us at and supported by Hobart's first class after sales service, the range is a sure-fire winner with cost conscious establishments that won't compromise on quality.
If you would like further details, a quotation or to discuss your requirements please contact us.

For more information and specifications on each model:

Glass washers -

Hobart Ecomax G404W Glasswasher (16 pint rack)

The Ecomax Plus Range

Industry leading reliability and superb energy efficiency make the Hobart Bar Aid range of warewashers a 1st class choice for the discerning purchaser in these cost conscious times. Renowned German engineering combines unrivalled energy saving technology with unique innovations. With a wide variety of options these robust units offer complete flexibility to suit any layout or commercial kitchen size coupled with the ability to withstand the most rigorous conditions. Your busy kitchen will welcome the class leading features incorporated in these Ecomax Plus dishwashers and glass washers.

Intensiv is an effective 3-stage wash process which removes 20%-40% more food soil. Upper and lower rotating wash and rinse arms aided by Vector, a new design in wide angle jet washers, aim to deliver a powerful searching action which eliminates masked areas.

Ecotherm maintains wash temperature above 63°c for optimum, detergent performance and finally Accurinse which uses less water per cycle, saving up to 30% on water, detergent and energy costs.

All machines across the range benefit from a one touch control system allowing filling, cycle start and draining with just one button. In-built rinse aid and detergent pumps ensure precise dosing every time. Higher power on all new Ecomax Plus units mean shorter recovery times for maximum performance whilst maintaining cost effectiveness.

Wash tanks and chambers come with polished interiors and rounded corners to prevent dirt traps and for easy access. The more powerful pumps fitted as standard are fully protected by a 2-stage strainer/filter system, ensuring improved efficiency and reducing the risk of unnecessary damage.

In-built water softeners are optional on each giving the range complete versatility whilst maintaining their compact and easy to operate nature

Larger kitchens looking for more capacity will find their needs met in the powerful Ecomax Plus H603 Hood dishwasher. This unit is quick to fill and heat and has the power to wash up to 60 racks per hour. The unique 4-sided hood means heat and steam loss is prevented, coupled with the list of other efficiency features means running costs are kept to a min

imum whilst maintaining the high performance levels.

All warewashers in the Ecomax Plus range have well thought out design features allowing for maximum performance and durability whilst remaining simple to use, easy to clean and allow easy access for maintenance, all backed up by Hobart's 1st class after sales service.

Supplied through us 

at this premium range is a must for anybody seeking the ultimate quality and durability from their warewashing equipment.

The Premier Range

Renowned German engineering and quality, the Hobart Premier range of glass washers, dishwashers, cooking equipment and beverage equipment offers the ultimate in warewashing and commercial catering products. The Premier models are the most highly specified units on the market. These are the only solution for those looking for the absolute best in catering equipment.

The glass washers and dishwashers lead the way in all areas being the most powerful, durable and energy efficient units on the market today. Dishwashing technology has been taken to a new dimension light years ahead of any other ware washing machine.

From compact glass washers to bespoke flight dishwashers, every possible site requirement is covered whether it is a busy bar or a canteen catering for thousands.

Supplied through us at and supported by Hobart’s first class after sales service, the Hobart Premier range is a must for anybody seeking the absolute best for their commercial catering needs.

Class A AirGap

A Class 'A' Air gap (Break Tank), is fitted to prevent dirty water siphoning back from the dish/glass washer into the mains water.

Class 'A' Air gaps are a legal requirement on dishwashers fitted in a commercial kitchen. However to date, glasswashers fitted within the bar area do not require an Air gap. Our recommendation would be to fit a 'Double Check Valve' to the water feed for a glass washer. This will prevent any chance of water contamination and future proof your machine. Please be aware however that a 'Double Check Valve' is not deemed as sufficient by the authorities for dishwashers.

Air gaps also have a rinse booster pump built in. It may be necessary to have a rinse booster pump if you have low water pressure.

All machines we supply adhere to the current regulations and often go beyond the minimum requirements. All of our dishwashers and certain glasswashers are fitted with class 'A' air gaps as standard, taking away additional work and worry.

Water Pressure Requirements

Hobart Ecomax glass washers models with no Class 'A' Airgap (Break Tank) require a water pressure of be between 2 - 4 bar.

For Hobart Ecomax dishwasher models fitted with a Class 'A' Airgap (Break Tank) water pressure should be between 0.8 - 6 bar.

Hobart Bar Aid and Hobart Premier (Premax) models require a water pressure of between 0.6 - 6.0 bar.

Please note that this applies to both hot and cold water supplies - not to exceed 60°. If a manual water softener is fitted water pressue may need to be slighly higher than the minimum stated.

What are Water Softeners?

Limescale (hard water) is one of the main contributors to machine breakdowns and performance issues. To prolong the life and maintain the effectiveness of your warewasher you must add a water softener. It is also important to note that warranties do not cover damage caused by limescale.

Most areas in England have hard water. The known areas that have soft water are Scotland, most of Wales, Central Manchester and Central Birmingham and shouldn't require a softener. We still recommend you check your water type as this is only a guide and water supplies can vary dependent on the supplier.

Three types of softener are available for either cold or hot water temperatures. You can purchase external manual and external automatic softeners or warewashers with in-built auto softeners. The three options are as follows:

Manual Water Softeners are the cheapest option. However manual softeners do require rinsing and regenerating on a regular basis, usually at least once a week depending on your area and usage. This involves disconnecting, flushing through, replenishing salts and reconnecting. Failure to do this regularly will lead to limescale build up. Manual softeners are designed to run on a cold water feed only.

External Automatic Water Softeners only require topping up with salt and do not require any manual cleaning or regeneration. They work on a timer or meter and self-regenerate on a regular basis. It is recommended that automatic softeners are used with busy undercounter units or hood type dishwashers. Please note that auto softeners require their own power supply and connection to a waste pipe for the overflow. These can be supplied in either cold feed or hot feed specifications.

In-built Automatic Water Softenersare factory fitted within the glasswasher or dishwasher. The softeners regenerate seamlessly whilst the machine is operating.  The warewasher will signal when the softener needs more salt added making operation very simple. Integral softeners are also a perfect solution for sites with restrictions on space where the wash area cannot afford the room for an external unit. These units are able to run on hot and cold feeds in keeping with the warewasher specifications.

We sell external manual and automatic softeners

Alternatively look at our Hobart Ecomax, Hobart Bar Aid and Hobart Premier range for warewashers with in-built softeners.

The Maintenance of Glasswashers/Dishwashers

Did you realise the consequences of dishwasher or glass washer breakdown for a professional catering kitchen?

  • Increased labour costs
  • Interrupted services
  • Staff unable to do their jobs

In a recent survey it was found that 11% of those surveyed called an engineer at least once a month with 14% needing repairs every 3 months and on average the response was 8-24 hours. Dishwashers and glass washers are critical pieces of professional catering equipment. It is often the case that the staff operating them are not fully trained in the basic usage of the machine let alone able to carry out basic maintenance work on the dishwasher.

Due to the nature of ware washers they will be in constant use and not always treated in the best way. It is estimated that 25% of all breakdowns could be avoided if equipment were regularly maintained as recommended. Lack of maintenance will also result in poor performance, poor wash results, reduced efficiency, lime scale build up and increased energy usage. Poor results could mean items being washed twice costing time and money.

How about having a service contract on your ware washer? What would you want the contract to provide? Most existing contracts do not include Wear and Tear, User Error or Misuse. When you purchase a new machine the manufacturer will give a warranty but often warranties will only be honoured if the equipment has been maintained in line with the manufacturer's recommendations which would suggest the need for a service contract from day one. Apart from ensuring the validity of any warranty another advantage of a contract is that the engineers will most likely identify parts which are showing signs of wear and tear and suggest their replacement before the part caused the machine to breakdown unexpectedly.

Of course the quality of machine you purchase in the first instance will make a great difference to maintenance costs and potential down time, highlighting that buying cheap can be a false economy. 90% of those surveyed stated reliability and durability were very important factors to consider when purchasing ware washers. Wash quality and energy efficiency were also high on the list.

The key to the longevity and performance of these machines is in staff training and maintenance. Please consider the following bullet points to ensure you get the best from your dishwasher or glass washer.

  • Train your staff to use and clean the machine, put up clear instructions near to the machine to remind staff.
  • Fit a water-treatment system such as a softener or reverse osmosis system
  • Keep water treatment devices fully charged
  • Ensure chemical dispensers are sufficiently filled
  • Never use any detergent or products not recommended for the machine
  • Load the washer correctly ensuring water jets can access the entire load
  • Pre-rinse or scrape items before loading into the machine
  • Always allow the washer to complete its cycle
  • Leave the door or hood slightly open to allow to air dry
  • Regularly change wash tank water
  • Drain down and rinse out the machine after every service
  • Clean and clear filters daily and check for any damage
  • Clean jets once a week
  • Have your machine serviced regularly

Would you run your car without checking the water and oil and having it regularly serviced? Of course the answer is no. Take the same view with your kitchen equipment and they will last longer, work more efficiently and be an economic asset not a liability to the business.

Do you need a Drain Pump?

Sites will ideally have a standpipe in place for the wastewater from glasswashers and dishwashers to drain in to. This often means the waste outlet from the machine is below the height of the standpipe. A gravity drain machine will not be able to empty as there is insufficient pressure to force the water away. A drain pump forces the dirty wash water out of the warewasher and into the waste pipe.

A site does not require a drain pump if the drain point is below the height of the machines waste outlet.

Please see the illustration below:

Do you need a Drain Pump?

All Hobart warewashers come fitted with an integral drain pump as standard so you can be safe in the knowledge that you won’t have any drainage problems.