Commercial Glasswasher Racks

At Ecomax Catering we offer the full range of commercial glasswasher racks for all Hobart Glasswashers. 

Pubs and bars need clean glassware so dirty glasses need to be turned around quickly. Having additional glass racks lets you preload the dirty glasses whilst your glasswasher is running a cycle.

Commercial glasswasher racks can have a big impact on the efficiency of your operation.

Racks can vary and a number of Hobart glasswasher racks are designed to offer more efficient washing and drying using a tilt design. They are also divided to help reduce breakages. 

Our range includes standard open racks as well as four and five division tilt racks in a variety of sizes, designed for all of Hobart’s current and previous glasswasher models.

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  1. Open Rack (500x500x110mm)
    For Ecomax/Ecomax Plus/Profi/Premax models
    • Dimensions: 500 x 500 x 110 high (mm)
    • Material: Special Polypropylene
    • Cup Capacity: 25 Approx
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7 Items

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