Hobart Advancia 900 B1A9BF18BE-40 Equapan

Multi Functional Cooking Unit (18 Litres)

Hobart Advancia 900 B1A9BF18BE-40 Equapan

Multi Functional Cooking Unit (18 Litres)

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The Hobart Equapan B1A9BF18BE-40 is a single tank, multi-function cooking unit with over ten cooking functions. It is incredibly flexible and is suited to high capacity cooking sites such as schools, production kitchens and MOD sites. The B1A9BF18BE can be used as a plancha, bratt pan, braising pan, shallow fryer, deep fryer, bain-marie, sous vide cooker, pasta cooker, boiling kettle, steam cooker and, as a regeneration unit for reheating cook-chill vacuum bags. The Equapan B1A9BF18BE-40 has an all stainless steel construction that is robust, hard-wearing and able to cope with impacts. With a four-position selector switch, adjustable temperature dial and clear temperature display the Hobart B1A9BF18BE-40 is simple and quick to operate. The temperature display will show a different temperature depending on the selected mode. For example, if the unit is in bratt pan mode the display will show the tank base temperature but if it is in fryer mode it will display the tank temperature. Filling the tank with freshwater is easy and can be done via the double-action push-button that is built onto the facia. There is a safety system in place to stop the water feed when the B1A9BF18BE-40 is in fryer mode, this protects your staff and the frying oil.

    Complete with:

  • Incorporating more than 10 functions: Plancha / Bratt pan / Braising pan / Shallow Fryer / Deep Fryer / Bain Marie / Sous vide cooker (by immersion) / Regeneration / Pasta cooker / Boiling kettle / Steam cooker
  • Controls are recessed to protect them from impacts and spillages
  • Simple to operate control panel has a 4 position selector switch - Off / Bratt Pan / Braising Pan / Fryer
  • Adjustable temperature dial from 40°C to 230°C depending on the mode selected
  • Temperature display shows different temperatures depending on the mode selected: Tank base temperature (Bratt pan mode) / Tank temperature (Fryer and Braising pan mode) and power level (1 2 3 or 4 horizontal bars) beyond 100°C (Braising pan mode)
  • The position of the drain is shown via the position indicator light (Drain to waste position / Drain to a container position)
  • Intelligent Heating Technology - uses six heating elements to provide rapid heat up times, accurate and uniform temperatures
  • Water delivery is controlled by a double action push button on the facia - a safety system stops the water feed in frying mode
  • Fitted with a flush-fitting plug with handle and washable stainless filter
  • Three possible plug positions: Closed: Seals the tank and keeps liquids on the cooking surface / Drain: Filters liquids and retains large pieces of food / Removed: Completely drains the tank (liquid + pieces of food less than 60mm in diameter)
  • MultiFlow Technology makes it quick and simple to discharge the tank contents into a container mounted on runners within the cupboard
  • Double skinned stainless steel door with an automatic return closure
  • All stainless steel construction is incredibly robust and hard-wearing
  • Can be bolted directly to the wall
  • Supplied on a 200mm fixed stand with 4 adjustable feet
  • Made in Germany


  • Usable Tank Capacity - 18 Litres (7 Litres in fryer mode)
  • Temperature range - 40°C - 250°C
  • Max Pan Depth - 200mm
  • Power Supply - 9kW (400/50/3)
  • Cold Water Supply -  150/600 kPa (1.5 - 6 bar) / 30°C / Flexible Ø 20/27 female (3/4")
  • Drain Connection - Smooth Stainless Steel Tube (48 Ø)
  • Dimensions - 1028 (h) x 400 (w) x 920 (d) (mm)

Warranty - 1 Year Parts and Labour

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