Stainless Steel Stand

Suitable for - 500 x 500 Glasswashers

Stainless Steel Stand

Suitable for - 500 x 500 Glasswashers

Dimensions (mm)

£239.00 £286.80

This stand is suitable for 500 x 500 Hobart Glasswashers. It is a stainless steel construction and is welded for increased durability and longevity. It is suitable for a number of Hobart Glasswashers past and present.


  • Dimensions - 450 (h) x 580 (w) x 640 (d) (mm)
  • Material - Stainless Steel

Current Models:

  • Hobart Ecomax G504
  • Hobart Ecomax G504S
  • Hobart Ecomax Plus G503
  • Hobart Ecomax Plus G503S
  • Hobart PROFI GXCW-11B
  • Hobart PROFI GXCSW-11B
  • Hobart PROFI GXW-11B
  • Hobart PROFI GXSW-11B
  • Hobart PREMAX GPW-10B
  • Hobart PREMAX GPSW-10B

Previous Models:

  • Hobart Ecomax G502
  • Hobart Ecomax G502S
  • Hobart PROFI GXC-11A
  • Hobart PROFI GXCS-11A
  • Hobart PROFI GX-11A
  • Hobart PROFI GXS-11A
  • Hobart PREMAX GP-10A
  • Hobart PREMAX GPS-10A

    If you're unsure of compatibility please don't hesitate to get in touch

    *Picture is for illustrative purposes only. Glasswasher not included

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