Save money and time! No more pre-rinsing with the all new Hobart PREMAX AUP range

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Save money and time! No more pre-rinsing with the all new Hobart PREMAX AUP range

Welcome to an industry first. The unqiue and ground breaking Hobart Premax AUP hood dishwasher with soil removal system.

Hood dishwashers have always been the forgotten work horse in any busy kitchen and the staff that run it work tirlessly to get dirty plates and cutlery turned around as quickly as possible to give you sparkling dishes so service can keep flowing.

Hobart, ever the inovators, have looked to move things on a step further to not only improve turnaround times but also improve the overall efficiency in the washup area. Helping improve your return on investment across the board.

With the new soil removal system there is nolonger the need to pre-wash your dirty plates. Using a new inbuilt pre-rinse system the Premax powerfully washes the debris from the surface and then jettisons it into a collection basket attached to the side of the unit. It then continues with its impressive, efficient  wash cycle and produces sparkling clean plates.

This system completely negates the necessity of a pre-wash sink and overhead spray arm. Saving on equipment costs. It also saves staff time in pre-washing and reduces the amount of water useage. Nolonger using either a bowl full of hot water or a shower spray and all of the water used to remove the debris.

The soil catcher is unobtrusive and takes up no additional space as it sits under the tabling and is attached to the side of pass-through dishwasher as can be seen in the images and video. Emptying the soil basket is very simple, you just pull the tray out and empty into into the waste bin and slide it back in place.

There is not specialist equipment or additonal services required, the pre-rinse system is fully intgreated into the commercial dishwasher meaning only the standard water and waste supplies are required and the eletrics are as per any hood dishwasher of this nature and performance.

The system has been developed and trialed in a number of very testing, busy environments and the results have been nothing short of spectactular with a number or large chains seeing substantial savings in staff time, water consumption and a reduction in machine faults caused by blockages.

To get a better understanding of it’s operation please view this video.
















And remember all of this coupled with the Hobart Premax AUP’s already outstanding list of features such as the 4-sided hood, vapour wash system only using 1.5 litres of water per cycle, leading to 40% savings in detergent consumption, the optional drain heat recovery system and the outstanding durability sunonimas with Hobart warewashing. It’s easy to see why these AUP units really change the way a commercial kitchen opearates.

To see full specification on each unit, please follow the links below:

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