Current youth generation shuns alcohol

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Current youth generation shuns alcohol

A recent poll by Demos think tank for Character and Moderation : Alcohol Paper, has discovered that alcohol consumption in the current youth generation of 16-24 year olds has fallen dramatically compared to statistics from 10 years ago.

The poll reveals that 19% of 16-24 year olds don’t drink alcohol, whilst 66% don’t feel that alcohol plays an important part in their social lives. Also 41% of people polled felt that alcohol was more important to their parents social lives than to their own, indicating that the social change in alcohol consumption is limited to younger generations.

When asked in the poll to indicate their reasons for shunning alcohol most people cited growing awareness of health as the main concern, other reasons were not being able to afford the rising cost of alcohol and alcohol being more difficult to obtain since the governments ‘challenge 25’  campaign was launched in October 2011.

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