Diners fear over food hygiene standards

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Diners fear over food hygiene standards

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) have published the results from their most recent Biannual Public Attitudes Tracker , the overwhelming response is that the British public are more concerned than ever about high standards of hygiene in catering establishments.

The results showed that 83% of people reported being far more aware about hygiene standards in the places that they eat out at or buy food from and 48% were concerned about dropping standards in food safety in restaurants , cafes, takeaways and pubs.

The survey also found out that far more people now look for the green rating sticker that the Food Standards Agency supply every premises with, if this is not displayed proudly in the establishments window then it is a good idea to check the rating with a member of staff, or using the FSA’s rating website, before going in and eating as they may have received a below par rating.

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