Ecomax-Catering Named As Key Hobart Distributer

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Ecomax-Catering Named As Key Hobart Distributer

Tim Bender, UK Sales Director of warewashing for Hobart UK, has spoken out in support of the distributor channel and highlighted as a dealer who’s sales advice, after sales service and support are second to none. Tim did point out that responsible dealers such as were under pricing pressure from purely online operators who do not have as many overheads and adopt a ‘buy it and drop it’ approach where sales advice to ensure the client obtains the correct equipment is not offered and no after sales service is given. Our director Tim Taylor, responded by saying that they often speak to end users that have bought dishwashers from other online only operators only to find that proper aftercare support isn’t offered or that the warewasher specified is not suitable for their requirements. When it comes to commercial dishwashers and glasswashers a ‘one machine suits all’ approach definitely does not work and expert advice and support is a must.

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