Hobart’s innovative new compact kitchen concept

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Hobart’s innovative new compact kitchen concept

After 5 years of extensive research and development Hobart have finally launched their ‘Compact Kitchen Concept’, a cooking suite that contains all the functionality of a traditional 4 metre range over just 2.4 metres. The equipment comes under the Bonnet label, Hobarts cooking solutions brand, and compromises four sections that can be purchased as standalone units or used together to cover all food preparation needs in a compact space: Equapan – an 18 litre multifunctional system that can be used to fry, grill, pan work, simmer, saute, braise, steam and boil. This allows operators to do away with various independent units. Precipan – an ultra-fast twin braising pan that utilises Bonnets intelligent Heating Technology (IHT). Controlled by a new touch-sensitive FastPad screen. IHT negates the need for preheating so it can be used instantly, there are eight cooking modes and three temperature zones. Minijet Combo – A compact combination oven with exceptional performance and build quality. The unit has an automatic cleaning system incorporated into the design and a VisoPad interface which offers operators control, precision cooking and flexibility. FridgeBloc – The FridgeBloc will sit seamlessly flush with all modules in the Bonnet kitchen concept, it keeps all ingredients within arm’s reach for effective service and is compact at only 500mm wide but with a 90 litre capacity. The unit also has flush top access which doubles as prep space. The Hobart cooking ranges will be coming to the website soon. In the meantime if you need any information or would like to discuss your requirements please contact us on 01582 865050.

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