Majority of equipment lifecycle cost is in energy

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Majority of equipment lifecycle cost is in energy

A recent report by The Carbon Trust has found that 85% of the lifecycle cost of cooking equipment is the energy used whilst in operation. In the past purchasers would make decisions on which machines to buy based solely on the initial purchase cost and no thought was made to ongoing running or repair costs. However a new study of operators has shown that energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact has become a key factor in the decision making process as often energy costs are equivalent to around 5% of revenue. With utility bills only spiralling upwards the running costs are only going to increase. New units can often demonstrate substantial energy savings compared to older or lesser units, when considering the units lifecycle and the increase in energy costs over the years of operation the savings can run into hundreds if not thousands of pounds. If you then consider how many pieces of catering equipment you operate the energy cost savings can be huge?

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