Michelin delivery concept launches in London

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Michelin delivery concept launches in London

A new concept called SUPPER is to be launched in London as of September this year, delivering Michelin starred food from top restaurants to the comfort of your home.

The food will be transported on state-of-the-art Japanese motorbikes that are fitted with bespoke thermally lined boxes, this cutting edge technology will ensure that the food is kept at a constant temperature and ensure no degradation in quality.

Restaurant’s that have already signed up to the new delivery concept include Michelin starred Tamarind and Benares which specialise in Indian cuisine and are located in Mayfair. Many other high end restaurants covering Steak specialities, Japanese, Chinese, Seafood and Italian cuisine have also committed to the concept with at least 3 other Michelin starred establishments due to come on board by the end of the year.

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