Social media feedback shapes business

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Social media feedback shapes business

Large hospitality operators such as Best Western and Holiday Inn have admitted that major changes have been implemented in their business models due to customer feedback via twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. Businesses such as these used to rely on feedback questionnaires which offered only ‘tick box’ options and didn’t give customers the scope to suggest improvements that could be implemented. The option of using social media to gain feedback means that comments can be evaluated immediately, also the feedback tends to highlight small improvements that can normally be made quickly and at little cost. Holiday Inn have taken the suggested improvements one step further by introducing their ‘Open Lobby’ concept. Twitter feedback suggested that the lobbies in the hotels needed to become more flexible environments for guests to work, eat, drink, relax and socialise in so the hotel chain decided to react to this and improve the lobby experience. Social media can raise problems for hospitality operations but if handled well and used efficiently it can be very useful and powerful tool for businesses to learn and develop from.

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