Glasswasher (With Integral Reverse Osmosis System)


Glasswasher (With Integral Reverse Osmosis System)

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The Hobart PREMAX GCPROI-10C delivers completely dry glasses after every wash. Hobart understand that drying glassware is laborious and time consuming. For that reason, they have integrated top-dry system into this unit. Top-dry uses humid air from the wash chamber and converts it into hot, dry air to deliver dry glasses. With a water consumption of 1.9 litres it is the most economical glasswasher on the market. Plus make sure your glasses are as clean as possible with the integrated reverse osmosis system!

High Performance

The GCPROI-10C is a high performance glasswasher, not only does its top-dry system deliver perfectly dry glasses, but it also excels in all other areas too. With an integrated reverse osmosis system to thoroughly remove impurities from water, it also ensures your glassware is always clean and safe to use. Reverse osmosis thoroughly filters your water of chemicals, smells and tastes, ensuring your glasses come out clean, sparkling and with no smears or smudges. With a choice of different wash cycles and programmes and capable of washing up to 48 racks per hour, the GCPROI is ready to tackle any situation.

Easy to use

The GCPROI makes using your glasswasher a breeze with its VISIOTRONIC TOUCH-CONTROL! With a single intuitive button and colour touchscreen it makes it easier than ever to select programmes, wash cycles and understand the status of your machine. With the unit's integrated WiFi module you can also boot up the Hobart WASHSMART app and get clear and detailed information on the status of your GCPROI. Plus with an integral fitted drain pump it makes emptying and re-filling quick and easy.

Low running costs

Save on running costs with the GCPROI! Its double-skinned construction means that it keeps radiated heat and noise levels to a minimum and reduces energy loss. Plus its GENIUS X2 filter system keeps your wash solution constantly clean and reduces detergent consumption by up to 35%! Capitalise on savings with the Hobart Premax GCPROI-10C!

Complete With:

  • Integrated Reverse Osmosis system removes impurities from water
  • Integrated top-dry system to leave glasses perfectly dry after washing
  • A choice of wash cycles: 75, 120 seconds and Special Programmes
  • Washes up to 48 racks per hour
  • Integrated WiFi module, designed to work with the Hobart WASHSMART app to provide users with a comprehensive overview of the warewashers status
  • Double skinned construction keeps radiated heat and noise levels to a minimum and reduces energy loss
  • Double skinned construction keeps radiated heat and noise levels to a minimum and reduces energy loss
  • Genius x² fine filter system keeps wash solution constantly clean, reducing detergent consumption by up to 35%
  • Interlocked strainer means if the strainer system is not in its proper position an alarm is sounded and the system must be replaced before the cycle continues
  • Wide-angle nozzles for improved cleanliness in every corner, wider nozzles mean they cover a larger are in a more accurate manner
  • Cold Rinsing means that the glasses are cooled with cold water immediately after rinsing allowing them to be used immediately at busy times
  • Intensive wash programme means tall glasses are rinsed with an increased quantity of fresh water to remove residual detergent that may have become stuck
  • Basic cleaning programme for newer glasses that often have a protective coating, the special basic cleaning cycle removes the coating before first use at the touch of a button
  • VISIOTRONIC-TOUCH CONTROL is a single-button that in conjunction with a colour touchscreen simplifies the use of your machine, the programmes are easier to select, settings are easier to understand, and information is easier to obtain
  • Remaining time indicator displays the progress of the programme
  • Hygiene programme removes any germs and bacteria that begin to form over time inside your machine, alerts on your machine will tell you when you should next carry out the programme
  • Supplied with integral fitted drain pump - allows quick and easy emptying and refilling. Click here for more information
  • Class A Airgap – allows direct connection to mains and complies with all water authority bye-laws. Click here for more information
  • Clip in wash and rinse arms make the machine as simple to clean as possible, simple unclip the arms rinse and replace in the machine
  • A soft start wash pump means a quiet start to the wash and delicate glassware isn't damaged
  • USB interface allows for simple date documentation
  • Counterbalanced door means allows for easier opening and closing and reduced wear and tear
  • WRAS Approved
  • Made in Germany



  • Basket Size - 400 x 400 mm
  • Loading Height - 305 (mm)
  • Wash tank Capacity - 8 litres
  • Water Consumption/cycle - 1.9 litres
  • Wash Temperature - 50 Degrees
  • Rinse Temperature - 67 Degrees
  • Water Pressure Req - Cold or hot feed, 0.5 - 10 BAR
  • Electrical Loading - 4.8kW 400/50/3 (Fuse at 3 x 16 Amps) Switchable to 5.6kW 230/50/1 (Fuse at 1 x 25 Amps)
  • Dimensions -  820 (h) x 460 (w) x 590 (d) (mm)

Warranty - 1 year parts and labour

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